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DLC employees are taking to the city’s streets this summer to help harvest overlooked produce as part of the 412 Food Rescue’s Hidden Harvest program.

412 Food Rescue is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce food insecurity in the surrounding communities by providing at-risk individuals with healthy food options. Through its Hidden Harvest program, the organization gathers fruits and vegetables from public and privately owned trees, orchards, farms and gardens with the help of volunteers. Once collected, the produce is donated to organizations that serve those who are experiencing food insecurity.

Throughout the summer, DLC employee volunteers will assist the organization by harvesting produce from pre-identified trees around the City of Pittsburgh that would otherwise go to waste, including apples, mulberries, crabapples and cherries.

At their first harvest on June 8, several DLC volunteers collected over 110 pounds of fruit, including 47 pounds of cherries, which were donated to the Jewish Relief Agency for its senior citizen care packages. The remaining collection, made up of mulberries, was donated to Wigle Whiskey, which will use it to produce cider, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting 412 Food Rescue. In addition to harvesting the mulberries and cherries, a few volunteers participated in food rescues where they delivered more than 350 pounds of rescued food to organizations all over the city.

DLC will assist with three additional Hidden Harvests on July 26, Sept. 14 and Oct. 12.

Last year, 412 Food Rescue harvested more than 10,500 pounds of fruit through its Hidden Harvest program. In addition, the organization has several other programs which help reduce food waste and insecurity throughout the area. To learn more about the 412 Food Rescue, visit their website here.

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