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Distribution Line Vegetation Management

We contract qualified line clearance tree professionals to help us manage vegetation so we can continue to deliver safe, reliable electricity to your door.

We manage both Distribution and Transmission power lines – and other related facilities and equipment – by pruning trees and identifying and removing potential “conflict trees” that could impact reliability, as well as performing Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM). IVM is comprised of a wide range of techniques, including selective herbicide applications that promote the establishment of utility compatible plants and shrubs along our rights of way. A right of way (ROW) is an area of land that a utility, like Duquesne Light, uses to construct, maintain, repair or replace overhead or underground power lines. 

Distribution Line

By maintaining backyard power lines and local business', we're keeping your life on.

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Transmission Line

We manage high-voltage lines to prevent widespread outages.

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Customer Responsibilities

Find out what part of your electrical service you're responsible for

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