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Pruning is done to obtain necessary clearance between trees and our electrical equipment, with the reliability and safety of the public in mind. Trees are pruned or removed based on species growth rate and their proximity to overhead power lines.

No. Customers are responsible for the maintenance of vegetation near private outdoor lights. Local municipalities are responsible for maintenance of vegetation near public street lights.

As explained in the Customer Responsibilities section, Duquesne Light does not prune along service drops. The property owner is responsible for maintaining vegetation along the service drop. When hiring someone to safely maintain vegetation near your service drop, you must use a qualified line clearance tree professional.

No. During storm and emergency work, Duquesne Light clears vegetation to restore service or to access our electrical equipment. Natural events, such as extreme weather or insect infestations and disease that result in tree failures and debris, are the responsibility of the property owner.

No. Pruning methods applied by qualified line clearance tree professionals contracted by Duquesne Light follow industry-best vegetation management practices, which promote the health of the tree.

Yes. Properly planting the right tree in the right place always will be acceptable. Check this list of utility-compatible trees. Remember to call 811 before you dig to identify what lies beneath your planting site.

No. Due to safety concerns, only qualified line-clearance tree professionals should perform tree work near overhead power lines.

Vegetation along Duquesne Light electrical circuits is managed on routine maintenance cycles. Once the circuit feeding your neighborhood has been identified to be worked on, our qualified line-clearance tree professionals will notify you. Notification is done in person or through a door hanger before work is started. If you have questions after you are contacted, please direct them to the project planner identified on the door hanger.

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