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In an effort to encourage choice, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has made available a Standard Offer Program. Through this program, Electric Generation Suppliers (EGS) offer a 12-month fixed price that is set at 7 percent below Duquesne Light’s Price-To-Compare (PTC) at the date of customer enrollment. It is available to Duquesne Light residential and small commercial customers.

Program Details

The Standard Offer Program provides customers with the opportunity to purchase their electric generation supply from an EGS at a fixed price that will be set at 7% below Duquesne Light’s Price-To-Compare default service rate (“PTC”) at the time of enrollment. This fixed rate will stay the same for 12 months.

Duquesne Light’s PTCs for residential and small commercial customers change each June and December. The PTC may be higher or lower in future periods, so the bill impacts a customer may experience compared to generation supplied by Duquesne Light will vary as the PTC changes. There are no early termination fees. Customers have the right to drop out of the program at any time without penalty during their 12-month contract with the EGS.

At the end of the 12-month contract period, customers may remain with their current EGS, switch to another EGS, or return to Duquesne Light default service. If the customer takes no action at the end of the 12-month contract, their EGS may continue to serve them, at rates that may increase or decrease. EGSs are required to contact customers prior to any changes to service terms, such as rate changes, following the initial 12-month contract period. 

How to Enroll 

Customers can call 412-393-7100 to speak with a Company representative regarding the Standard Offer Program.

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