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What We're Doing:

As part of our commitment to maintaining safe and reliable service for our customers, DLC is taking inventory of our electric overhead poles and wires as well as underground equipment across our service territory. As a next-generation energy company, we often look to technology to be more efficient in our work and better serve our customers. Through this project, we’re partnering with a data collection firm to use cameras and sensors to capture high-resolution imagery to map our equipment. This will allow our field crews to have the most accurate information when making critical decisions, and also enable us to quickly identify events, isolate problems and restore customers more efficiently.

LiDAR Infographic 

Where We're Working:

  • City of Beaver
  • Brighton Township
  • Center Township
  • Monaca
  • Pittsburgh's North Side (including New Manchester)

We appreciate your patience as we work to enhance the safety and reliability of our electric system serving your neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please call 412-393-6844.