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While most DLC customers heat their residences with natural gas, their electric bills also are impacted during periods of extremely cold temperatures like we’ve been experiencing.

One energy-user that is easily overlooked during winter months is the electrically-operated furnace fan. During normal winter weather, the furnace fan on your home's gas- or oil-heating system operates about 10 hours per day.   During the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing, furnace fans are operating much, much longer.

Other factors adding to your electric use during winter months
Since there is less daylight in winter months, your lights are on longer. You also may spend more time at home, using your entertainment system and other electronics more frequently. During colder weather, space heaters and humidifiers often are run and heat tape added to exposed water pipes is turned on, all of which use electricity. And don’t forget the impacts of the holiday season, with its extra lights, house guests and special cooking, all of which can add to your electric bill.

What can you do?
Actually, you have a lot more options than you’d think. The Energy & Money Savings section of our website,, offers a wide range of tools with the ultimate goal of helping you make more informed decisions about your energy consumption.

The My Electric Use option enables you to view your actual usage at your convenience, 24-7, and offers free tips to reduce.

In the Home Energy Center, you can determine how much energy each of your appliances use. 

By inputting information on your home in the Watt Choices Online Energy Audit, you can gain additional insight on where the high energy use is coming from.  Customers participating in the online audit will receive a conservation kit featuring eight LED lightbulbs and two LED nightlights.

So be sure to stay warm and safe during this arctic blast, but know Duquesne Light offers many ways for you to keep an eye on your energy use.
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