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Where transformed service is furnished from equipment in a substation, in a vault or on a pad, we’ll furnish and install the main transformers, meters and meter wiring. We also will furnish the meter enclosure or socket (except single-phase selfcontained sockets), metering transformers or a meter-mounting assembly with builtin current transformers called a Transocket.

Where the metering transformers are included as an integral part of the main transformer, Duquesne Light will furnish the meter enclosure and furnish and install the meter. The customer shall install the meter enclosure and shall furnish and install a 1-1/2 inch galvanized steel conduit from the main transformer to the meter enclosure.

When instrument transformers are included with the main transformer or installed in an instrument transformer cabinet, the installation shall comply with Section 8.7.

Untransformed Service

The installation and furnishing process explained.

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