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We listened to your feedback and redesigned your bill to be cleaner and easier to find important information. Below you will find sample bills that provide explanations of the sections that have changed. Please click on the links to learn more or watch the video to see what’s different and where to find important information.

You have access to the same tools our representatives use to analyze your bill. Simply complete the checklist below to analyze your usage to determine the likely cause of the change in your bill.

For information on reading your meter, please click on the link below:

How to Read a Digital Meter

Let's see if there are any significant changes in usage compared to last month and last year. Go to the free online portal to determine changes in usage between your current and previous bills.

What was the weather like during the billing period? Scroll down to Weather History on the Usage Summary screen. Has the temperature been higher or lower than the average? Is it hotter or colder than it was this time last year? Consider what happens during changes of season.

How was the electricity being used in the home?

Click the link to complete the Home Energy Analysis.

  • Were any new appliances installed?
  • Do you have an old refrigerator cooling a few items in your basement or garage? Did you know it may be using up to four times the electricity of a new model?
  • Were there any lifestyle changes on the days your usage was higher?
  • Did you have houseguests?
  • Easy ways to be more energy efficient.
  • Rebates and other Watt Choices programs that can save energy and money.

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