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Our map only displays one zip code per municipality. If there are multiple zip codes in your municipality, outages are grouped together in our system. We’re currently working to change that. As we continue to upgrade our outage management system, more accurate information will become available.

We understand how important it is to share information with our customers during an outage. To make that process more efficient and effective, we’re working to implement a new outage management system that will enable us to provide more specific and accurate restoration estimates. The new system is expected to be complete by the end of 2022.

Please refer to our restoration priorities here. DLC restores power according to the following priority order:
1) Public safety hazards
2) Public health and safety facilities (critical customers)
3) Major circuits
4) Small neighborhoods and individual homes

It’s important to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed during an outage. Refrigerated food should be safe for about four hours, but milk, dairy products, eggs, meats and cooked foods spoil quickly. If the refrigerator rises above 40 degrees for two hours or more, these foods will need to be discarded. Food stored in a full, free-standing freezer will stay at freezing temperatures for about 48 hours without power, and a half-full freezer will stay frozen for about 24 hours. Find more tips here.

Your neighbors one street over, on the next block or even across the street could be served by a different portion of the circuit that your home or business is fed from. If all of your surrounding neighbors have power and you believe only your home is out, first check the breakers or fuses in your home. If they are in good standing, please call to report the outage. It’s possible there is damage to your individual service line or other equipment that feeds just your home.   

In major storms, some customers may remain without power longer because the electrical lines are temporarily inaccessible to work crews due to fallen trees, flooding, ice or other conditions that must be addressed before electrical facilities can be safely repaired. In addition, keep in mind that DLC follows the restoration priorities listed above when restoring power following a storm.

DLC is not responsible for damages, including food loss, caused by incidents outside of their control. However, if you wish to file a claim, that can be done by calling 412-393-6032.

Customers should report downed wires, accidents involving utility poles/power lines or any other hazardous situations to DLC’s emergency line at 412-393-7000. Please provide the DLC team with the most approximate address and a description of the hazard.

Never approach downed wires; always keep a safe distance. Find more information here.

When in doubt, call us at 412-393-7000 and we’ll investigate who’s responsible for the line. 

Momentary outages, which customers see as a dimming or flickering of their lights or even a brief loss of power, are caused by short circuits. An individual circuit feeding customers can be many miles long. Your lights may flicker on and off due to issues that are nowhere near your house. Approximately 30% of short circuits clear themselves. Call us at  412-393-7100 if the problem persists.

Anyone with a medical issue that would be impacted by an outage should call 9-1-1 for help. 

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