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Community Development for New Load (Rider 19)


This Rider is available to customers with distribution service under Rate GM < 25, GM ≥ 25, GL, or L. For new services, the customer or applicant must confirm they have a projected load of at least 10kW and must apply for the Rider prior to service being energized. For existing customers, the customer must reasonably project a peak load increase of at least 10kW and apply for the Rider before the load growth occurs.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the increased peak load increase described above, the following requirements must be met to qualify for the discount:

  1. The customer or applicant must submit proof that they have a competitive energy alternative or affirm you will not be able to commence or sustain business without the Rider.
  2. Provide a manufacturing sales tax exemption certificate that certifies a more than 50% exemption.
  3. Provide an "Employer's Report for Unemployment Compensation" (PA Form UC-2).

To learn more about DLC's Rider No. 19, please visit the Company's Retail Tariff.

To apply for the Community Development for New Load Program, click here.

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